Rushed (2021)

AKA: The Frat Haze
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  • RT Rating 89%
  • IMDB Rating 5.6

Critic Reviews:

Rushed, while appropriately solemn, often feels undercooked, especially during the middle portion when Barbara is building her legal case. Fortunately, the ending elicits more intrigue and delivers on that intrigue. [...] Hogan’s compelling performance is emotionally resonant, helping convey the heartache of losing a child and being told no one is to blame when someone is at fault.

Publicized as a “thriller”, “Rushed” fails to live up to that description until the final scenes. The question becomes, should a story as sad as the loss of a child, become a “thriller”? If the answer is “Yes, it could be,” the film sadly fails to achieve that goal.

Siobhan Fallon Hogan is STELLAR! She was PERFECT in this role as a fierce mother. As a mother, I love how dedicated she was to her family. [...] I was blown away to learn that she also wrote the screenplay. Her performance reminded me of Francis McDermott. She was that good. I really loved her in this.