Risen (2021)

We're at the edge of a mass extinction.
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  • RT Rating 20%
  • IMDB Rating 3.3

Critic Reviews:

If your viewing choice for a rainy Saturday is of the simplistic, check your brain at the door variety, you may as well look elsewhere than here. If you want something that challenges and entertains all while being just a bit different, Risen may be just the ticket for you.

Things start to pick up towards the end. The story becomes more focused leading to a nice twist. It is clear with a tighter story and shorter run time, this would have been a pretty good science fiction movie. It is in these moments that Risen shows the it’s true promise. The question becomes, is it too late?

There’s cinematic value to be found in Risen if audiences can get through the first half. Despite all the early screenplay issues, Arya delivers a genuinely impressive final act that benefits Schalmo’s lead performance.