Rise of the Scarecrows: Hell on Earth (2021)

It's harvest time. They're back with a vengeance.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 6.0

Critic Reviews:

I enjoyed this film, I have to say. I liked the characters and the woods setting was fun. The scarecrows have been upgraded and this is much better than the first movie. I was impressed with them.

This is a slasher film from the eighties and it was self-aware. It knew what it wanted to be. There was a nice build up in the first half that led to a lot of bloodshed and scarecrow attacks in the second half.

The film’s approach to the 80’s slasher in the woods follows the formula with practical effects and night shooting, avoiding the day for night terrible effect that so many filmmakers use to simulate night and focusing on the old school approach. There is no CGI in RISE OF THE SCARECROWS: HELL ON EARTH, but there is plenty of focus on the gore...