Ripper Untold (2021)

No one is safe.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 4.3

Critic Reviews:

Ripper Untold is all about the performances though, realised via a solid script, handsome production design and a fine score provided by Michael Vignola. The pace may be stately and the gore sparing, but this is a well delivered piece with some great attention to detail.

Those who are interested in the actual Ripper killings will instantly notice that while Ripper Untold takes the subject seriously it takes a lot of liberties with the facts. The characters are still interesting but don’t expect the names you’re familiar with from the historical accounts of the killings.

The film’s pacing is unhurried and although it’s well acted and the period design is well handled I feel that it takes more than a stream of dialogue scenes to keep one’s attention especially with when the narrative is based around the infamous Jack the Ripper, it really needs that something more to truly stand-up to its subject matter.