Outlier (2021)

Deviate from the plan.
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  • RT Rating 78%
  • IMDB Rating 5.4

Critic Reviews:

Strayer’s ‘Outlier’ could have worked as a short film that had gotten rid of the excess clutter that is punctuated by its dull second act. Alas! The writing here is all over the place. The two cohesive threads that meet the initial act with the reveal towards the end would have made a tight mid-length short about the circle of abuse and how it takes a lifetime to get over it. Sadly, this isn’t that film.

In some ways, Outlier feels more like an idea for a movie, rather than a fully-fledged feature. Its plot is as stripped down as its budget, and the limitations of both are obvious at first. But once it begins to pick up speed, about halfway through, it turns into an economical little thriller.

There’s another wrinkle to the story that should elevate the film, and that’s the fact that Thomas is a computer programmer and his latest AI invention ties directly into the central plotline. But it actually proves to be a needless distraction, as the details remain too hazy and the resultant actions interrupt the film’s momentum.