Nocebo (2022)

Sanity hangs by a thread.
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  • RT Rating 65%
  • IMDB Rating 6.2

Critic Reviews:

With “Nocebo,” Finnegan and his collaborators have put their finger on something dark and disturbing. Too bad it’s never as upsetting as it is suggestive.

The film has a handsome look thanks to astute design contributions, with heightened color vibrancy in the Philippines scenes. Jose Antonio C. Buencamino’s original score, which incorporates some gamelan elements, is another asset.

...when it sticks to its folk horror elements, Nocebo is an effective film with some genuinely creepy sequences including one involving a giant tick and a CPAP unit that’s quite horrifying. That and the film’s other effects are for the most part well done and don’t rely on CGI which make it a bigger shame that they tend to be overshadowed by the film’s simplistic moralizing.