Murder Bury Win (2020)

A movie about board games. And getting away with murder.
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  • RT Rating 75%
  • IMDB Rating 5.2

Critic Reviews:

...I found MURDER BURY WIN to be a clever horror film that shows the importance of friendship and teamwork, while also showing the complexities of disposing of a dead body. The film does face some bumps in the road that it needs to contend with, mostly in some of the acting, but for a relatively new-to-the-scene cast, they do pretty well.

The mark of a good board game movie is how much you actually want to play in real life, from Beyond the Gates to Game of Death and even Knucklebones which, in fact, only had the titular game going for it. Murder Bury Win presents a game that looks genuinely fun and wraps it up in an evocative story about how dreams often only come true at a cost. It’s beautifully performed, frequently hilarious and will easily strike a chord with anyone who’s even a little bit creative.

It’s an indie gem that knows it’s board games that bring us together, and it’s also a film that knows we’ve all had day dreams of killing someone, and it leans into that premise with the wish fulfillment here. [...] I think it loses a bit of steam in the last 10 minutes with a development I didn’t fully invest in, but this is a solid comedy that’s amusing throughout and will make you want to play its game, too.