Men (2022)

What haunts you will find you.
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  • RT Rating 69%
  • IMDB Rating 6.3

Critic Reviews:

[Men] this is the stuff of nightmares, and Garland shows you things here that you’ll never be able to unsee... The lobbies of arthouse theaters worldwide are sure to be full of people wandering from their auditoriums in a daze, wondering what they just witnessed and wishing desperately to make sense of it.

...there’s a sneer to the way Men ends, its assertion—made through gnarly stuff so wild it becomes funny—that blurring gender lines can eventually lead to something grotesque. Men has a bitter tang to it, right there at the end, when what came before was mostly just the harmlessness of empty suggestion.

... it seems as though Harper is barely there. If the movie’s men are reduced to what’s worst about them, so is Harper: Her character is largely composed of reactions to what’s worst about those men.