Malibu Horror Story (2022)

AKA: The Malibu Tapes
Your soul. Its possession.
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  • RT Rating 86%
  • IMDB Rating 7.3

Critic Reviews:

The found footage purist in me does crave more first-person moments that delve into the horror of the cave. But if I put that aside, Malibu Horror Story is a look into the future of the first-person POV horror filmmaking technique.

Malibu Horror Story additionally complies with the dumb characters rule, nevertheless it’s precisely what we would like in horror. This isn’t a style movie that may change your life and it doesn’t intention to be that. That is enjoyable and scary horror that may make you soar once in a while and, why not, provide you with nightmares.

Even with a found footage gimmick the storytelling is brisk, until a drawn out ending that’s overdone but still satisfying. If you’re looking for some quality, creepy scares, "Malibu Horror Story" is a little indie horror film that delivers.