Let's Scare Julie (2020)

Sometimes a prank comes back to kill you
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  • RT Rating 40%
  • IMDB Rating 2.9

Critic Reviews:

Let’s Scare Julie is an indie powerhouse, with strong performances, heart-stopping scares, and messages reminiscent of your favorite after school special.

LET’S SCARE JULIE impresses from beginning to end, opening with a striking Saul Bass-style credits sequence and moving straight into a taut 80-minute story of vengeance and terror.

..I’m a sucker for cinematic gimmicks, and “Let’s Scare Julie” has one. Although there are a couple of cuts, “Let’s Scare Julie” unfolds in real time and is shot to look like one continuous take. That’s a cool concept. It’s also where the film’s ingenuity both begins and ends.