Let Us In (2021)

The legends are true
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 4.4

Critic Reviews:

While Let Us In has a promising horror sci-fi premise, it squanders its potential by never finding any depth, nuance, or resonance in a legend kids actually find authentically creepy.

If you’re an adult horror fan watching a film on your own, I don’t think this film is for you. However, for families with younger members, or for younger horror fans wanting to go up a tiny notch in the mature subject matter department, Let Us In is a perfectly good (if somewhat flawed) way to spend one’s afternoon.

Let Us In is an indie young adult horror effort that probably won’t go over as well with older audiences and especially more veteran horror fans, but it does seem like the kind of movie that would be a good start for younger viewers wanting to dip their toes into tales of terror.