Last Night in Soho (2021)

A murder in the past. A mystery in the future.
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  • RT Rating 75%
  • IMDB Rating 7.3

Critic Reviews:

Like a gorgeous melody that drifts almost imperceptibly off key before descending into screaming discord, so Last Night in Soho slips seamlessly between harmony and dissonance, with nods to Julie Christie in Darling mutating into evocations of Jessica Harper in Suspiria.

With its sleek, saturated production design that turns nostalgia into nightmare, "Last Night in Soho" is certainly an exciting ride. Nevertheless, it loses its verve as it unfolds and doesn’t quite live up to its potential as an innovative feminist horror film.

Last Night in Soho isn’t Edgar Wright’s best but it’s visually striking, inventive and memorable. Plus, it shows a filmmaker willing to explore new territory and take risks. Even when results do fall short, the daring to try new things is appreciated.