Know Fear (2021)

Evil must be known
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  • RT Rating 57%
  • IMDB Rating 3.8

Critic Reviews:

There aren’t a lot of effects on display, the bloodshed is simple and basic but with some well chosen sound effects to make it seem a lot worse. We only see a couple of glimpses of the demon until the end. LoCascio makes good use of practical effects and lighting rather than resorting to CGI. [...] It might not be anything radically different from other films in its genre, but Know Fear is a cut above similar recent efforts like Ghost Light and Bring Me a Dream.

...KNOW FEAR is short, but comes together neatly and without effort or drudgery on the viewer’s part. The twist was unexpected and makes me really curious about the demon’s beginnings. Sequel material? You bet.

Know Fear starts off rough with a confusing prologue, and the plot is fairly predictable, though the ending lands perfectly. But the characters are all three-dimensional and likable, the direction keeps the atmosphere and tension high, and the cast shines in every scene. While flawed, horror fans will find a lot to appreciate here.