Joy Ride (2001)

AKA: Road Kill
It was just a joke, just for fun.
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  • RT Rating 73%
  • IMDB Rating 6.6

Critic Reviews:

Finally, a horror movie with teens that didn't insult my intelligence or try to sell me a fucking soundtrack. "Joy Ride" brings the "teen horror genre" back from the inanely stupid realm that it's been living in for while and delivers the goods in a mature way.

Joy Ride does a good job at creating a believable horror scenario. The acting is also pretty good, and the cinematography and music are high quality. Joy Ride provides suspense, jumps and scares. What it doesn’t provide much of is gore.

..Joy Ride makes for a great little junk thriller, the sort of thing you find it hard to turn off whenever you happen to see it on cable.