Jethica (2022)

Coming in December

Critic Reviews:

Ultimately Jethica is an important ghost story about how abuse haunts survivors and how abusers never really go away. Jessica can’t escape her trauma and through her stalker’s resurrection as a ghostly figure, Ohs shows audiences the reality of surviving abuse.

JETHICA is a quiet stunner. It’s funny without being cruel and is a film that slowly opens up like a flower. It’s also like a frightened and angry human being returning a somewhat measured trust to other humans. It ponders existence as well while exploring a new version of ghost lore driven by a horror story that a lot of people can relate to.

JETHICA is a delightfully strange story about liminal states. It blurs the line between the living and the dead and makes the viewer question what they think about time, memory, and reality. Despite all its wonderful ambiguity and humor, it never loses sight of how serious stalking is, and it treats its characters with care and respect.