It Came from Outer Space (1953)

The Night the Earth Will NEVER FORGET!
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  • RT Rating 81%
  • IMDB Rating 6.6

Critic Reviews:

It is a strongly atmospheric film, making good use of the desert setting to which Jack Arnold was to return again and again in later science fiction works. There is something otherworldly and mysterious about the American desert that renders believable almost any strange event that might occur there.

At eighty minutes it’s a fast moving story that never gets bogged down – Richard Carlson is constantly rushing from one crisis to the next with the untrusting sheriff hot on his heels – until the film reaches its Earth shattering conclusion, or I should say non-Earth shattering if our hero succeeds. It Came From Outer Space is a genre classic that has earned its spot amongst the greats, and one I can highly recommend.

Dreamer Putnam spends altogether too much time educating the sheriff and others about the possibilities of visitors from space when they already should have been at least semi-aware. In 1953 Americans were in the middle of a flying saucer craze with credible sightings becoming lost among an avalanche of pop hysteria. It Came From Outer Space still retains some magic but a general tameness and overfamiliarity with its themes have taken their toll. Luckily, its poetic qualities haven't diminished.