Intruders (2011)

The Nightmare is Real.
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  • RT Rating 30%
  • IMDB Rating 5.4

Critic Reviews:

Intruders has all the ingredients to be a groundbreaking supernatural thriller..Alas, the latter half of the film is where the seams unravel. Like Jeepers Creepers and The Village, the film’s final and unanticipated twist ruins the tension and the scares that came before it, making it hard not to penalize Intruders for its staggering shortcomings.

Intruders is a well played out thriller that succeeds in keeping things tense and dark within a solid grounding of mystery.

I think I wanted more from Intruders. It is a nicely made film, directorially smooth and with decent performances from Clive Owen and Ella Purnell. However, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo never pushes any of it beyond a pleasantly polished treatment, never anywhere that unsettles or leaves a safety zone.


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