House IV (1992)

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  • RT Rating 15%
  • IMDB Rating 3.9

Critic Reviews:

House 4: The Repossession is far closer to House in tone than the second and third sequels, and what with William Katt’s character Roger Cobb returning brings this decidedly odd series virtually full circle.

House IV is garbage, if you really can’t find something else to watch then you might find it’s clichéd cheesiness entertaining as it does at least have the feel of a low budget 80s horror movie which gives it something.

The major problem with House IV is this hypocritical concept of the house. Since the house both attacks and protects Kelly and Laurel, the themes of the film get mixed up into a mess of ideas about houses and protection of property and Indian curses, none of which really make sense when the film boils down.