Help (2022)

Everyone has a secret.
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  • RT Rating 100%
  • IMDB Rating 6.3

Critic Reviews:

The obvious downsides are the overly optimistic running time of 96 minutes and a key revelation that’s obvious even from the trailer. [...] Help is maybe worth a watch if you are in a very patient mood and are intrigued as to how fictional toxic claustrophobic relationships can develop. Otherwise, it’s a pass.

Ridder’s film gets under the skin of abuse in relationships and can be tough viewing at times. [...] Help plays well as a melodrama but also has enough going for it to recommend to fans of psychological thrillers. Considering it was made during lockdown, it’s a fantastic achievement.

If the drama wasn’t bad enough, a dog dies in this poorly conceived thriller that suffers from wooden acting and turgid pacing. [...] Accidental viewers are not likely to stick with this unless they really want to know what happens to three or so thinly drawn characters locked in a psychodrama of suspicion, betrayal and unconvincingly faked lust.