Hellraiser (1987)

He'll tear your soul apart.
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  • RT Rating 68%
  • IMDB Rating 7.0

Critic Reviews:

Clive Barker knocked this film out of the park, and considering it was his first time directing a feature length film, he manages to keep the film moving without resorting to silly devices or shock tactics to keep the audience interested.

This is another one of those films that was great just because it was so different. The monster can’t even leave the house, so he has to get Julia to kill for him. Then we find out that he’s not the monster, he’s just another victim trying to escape Hell. The visions of Hell (or whatever; it’s not really explained in this film) are fun and terrifying, and the Cenobites are so distinctive that it’s not hard to think about them after the film ends.

Hellraiser looks horribly dated – the clothes, the hair, the cars – but if you’re of a certain age, this only adds to the charm of one of the most memorable and quotable films of a generation. And let’s not forget Pinhead…who hasn’t aged a day and still terrifies.