Hellbender (2022)

Growing up is hell
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  • RT Rating 100%
  • IMDB Rating 6.3

Critic Reviews:

...the cinematography will absolutely blow your mind. You will constantly repeat to yourself how awesome the crisp visuals are, no matter if you’re watching the morbid first scene or Izzy roaming the peaceful woods. The camera angles and movements, whether using a drone or not, always ensure that, even if no action or dialogue is taking place, your eyes will nonetheless be wandering around the screen to appreciate every detail offered to you.

...there is some fairly well-done gore late in the film. And, if I hadn’t been bored well past the point of not caring the ending probably would have carried a punch. Unfortunately, the Adams Family made Hellbender’s burn too slow and got so carried away with the stylish visuals and musical interludes that I had checked out long before that point.

[Hellbender] is a great move, the film will fit perfectly in the streaming service [Shudder], it is a great watch, intense, dark, and generous with the horror and the blood. And then I can have a chance to watch it again because it surely is a movie worth to re-watch as many times as possible.