Halloween: H20 (1998)

Blood is thicker than Water.
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  • RT Rating 52%
  • IMDB Rating 5.7

Critic Reviews:

By its end, “Halloween H20” unfolds into a pretty plain slasher movie.. “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later” remains more or less watchable. Yet as I learned on this second go, the movie works better in your memory than it does in the moment, mainly because it has the most stars and best production value of any entry in the series.

Halloween H20 was never going to be a deep, dark film that encouraged viewers to look deep within themselves and answer dark personal questions, but given how seriously previous entries had started to take themselves it’s just the sort of mindless slasher story the series needed.

Halloween H20 feels like a finish to the franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis has her final showdown with her brother and the battle is bloody but cathartic.