Halloween (1978)

The Night He Came Home
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  • RT Rating 93%
  • IMDB Rating 7.8

Critic Reviews:

Halloween stands apart from its followers by the simplicity of its execution and the naturalism of its characters. The methodology to Carpenter’s scares in Halloween is similar to that of Alfred Hitchcock, who famously described suspense as something the audience is aware of but the film’s characters are not.

To my unfannish mind, Halloween is simplistic; fans may argue that it’s archetypal (same as I’d do for Star Wars). Well, fine. I can even see that, maybe. But I don’t feel it.

“You can’t kill the bogeyman.” And why is that? Because the bogeyman is a mask in our collective imagination that can be pulled over the head of anyone and anything physical or metaphysical that frightens us.