Grave Intentions (2021)

7 directors. 5 Tales of terror. 1 grave lesson.
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  • RT Rating 67%
  • IMDB Rating 3.9

Critic Reviews:

Overall, the stories are, with the exception of "Violent Florence", all solid. But as often happens with this sort of collection of shorts, there’s no cohesion or unifying theme and Grave Intentions feels disjointed and episodic. It would have been much better if the segments had shared a theme. And avoided trying to justify animal cruelty.

This is DISTURBING. The writers give depth to these characters, some backstory, and the ability to show the lack of humanity in human beings. Human beings can be the real deal monsters. [...] Make sure to check out Grave Intentions, and here’s hoping they make a second anthology.

Grave Intentions has a few problems though. One being the pointless wrap-around segments with Madame Josephine. There are far too many and they just don’t link into the stories well enough to be really satisfying. Likewise, the stories are unrelated making this film feel disjointed. Its requires a constant mental adjustment as one ends and you have to get yourself ready for the next.