Godforsaken (2022)

Not all miracles are holy
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 5.4

Critic Reviews:

The film is not at all bad – the performances are solid and the visuals work (until one moment at the end that for this viewer crossed the line into ridiculous), it is just hard to be scared at something I am seeing for the hundredth time, even if done well. A slightly above average entry in an overfull subgenre, if you will.

Godforsaken looks as if it was made on cellphone cameras on a budget of maybe two bucks. And yet, despite the low budget aesthetic, it’s as bracing and terrifying as any horror movie released in the last several years.

Godforsaken is fairly effective through the first two-thirds of the film. A cult springs up around the resurrected woman as she continues to perform what seem like miracles. The film records not just that but the division within the town between those who see it as a genuine act of God and those who see something sinister behind it.