Friend of the World (2022)

You have been saved. This does not mean you are safe.
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  • RT Rating 89%
  • IMDB Rating 5.7

Critic Reviews:

My only issue with the film is that it sometimes comes off a little disconnected, almost like a web series stitched together. That doesn’t negate the fantastic satire of Brian Patrick Butler’s film, which is equal parts depraved and charming.

There are plenty of elements at play in Friend of the World, some engaging and some banal but Butler can’t harmonise this into something worthwhile. Young’s performance keeps the film from becoming boring but you’re left with so few answers to the film’s constant ambiguity that it’s hard for the audience to maintain invested interest.

With characters that seem like archetypes at opposite ends of American society and a style that falls into the art/experimental film category, this won’t be for everyone. The way it leaves much of its events up to the viewer’s interpretation will also annoy some people as much as it will delight others.