Forbidden Planet (1956)

AKA: Fatal Planet
Earthmen on a fabulous, peril-journey into outer space!
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  • RT Rating 98%
  • IMDB Rating 7.6

Critic Reviews:

Yes, some of the themes may seem old fashioned now, but the central ideas - the human obsession with control, a man's possessiveness in regard to his daughter and that terror of the unknown that can only be matched by our terror of ourselves, are timeless. Crisp, witty dialogue gives it plenty of energy and its unique style still looks chic, in its retro way, today. Give it a try; some films are considered classics for good reason.

This offering deserves praise for its artistic direction, compelling narrative conflict, and disturbing insight into a possible outcome of human progress. Thus, for creature feature buffs, fans of Robby the Robot, and those who enjoy science fiction with a spacefaring twist, Forbidden Planet will not disappoint.

The reasons for Forbidden Planet‘s success are much the same ones that made 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Star Wars (1977) the undisputed science-fiction classics of their respective generations – and that is the unbridled sense of wonder that each offers. What can be seen in each of these films is how much they stand head and shoulders above their contemporaries in terms of the mind-stretching distance of the places they are able to take audiences up and away from the here and now.