Fall (2022)

Fear reaches new heights.
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  • RT Rating 59%
  • IMDB Rating 6.8

Critic Reviews:

In the end, Fall is a movie that's emotionally shallow, but more clever than it needs to be, and as grisly as your dark heart is likely hoping. This is not a good movie. But it is a movie that made me cry out, "Oh good god!" And that's something.

A version of Fall that trims the first act bloat and cliché plot twists would probably play with tighter pacing and more intensity. As is, those issues are the film’s unrecoverable downfall.

Ultimately, “Fall” has been designed to be seen on as a big a screen as possible, which is why Lionsgate is going wide with it this weekend instead of shuffling it off to VOD. Much has been written about getting ticket buyers back into theaters with event movies that demand the theatrical experience. It's too bad this effort to help keep the theater industry aloft will only let viewers down.