Exploited (2022)

He's watching your every move.
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  • RT Rating 20%
  • IMDB Rating 4.1

Critic Reviews:

The mystery doesn’t entirely play fair, not that it’s interesting enough to entice one into sticking with this. The acting is pretty bad, and there’s a general unpleasantness to the proceedings that makes the film a video equivalent chastity belt.

By the time Exploited is over, I can understand what it’s going for, a sex-positive horror slasher set amongst college students all exploring their sexuality, but the majority of the characters are poorly written and the rest of poorly acted, save for maybe Will Peltz as Brian’s brother Jacob who gives a different flavor to his scenes and makes it a bit more enjoyable.

By the end, Exploited goes into territory most mainstream films wouldn’t dare to go into. I was surprised to see it go there, but I’m glad it did. Toss in a last-minute revelation and you have a film that really deserves a lot more attention than it’s likely to get.