Evil at the Door (2022)

There's no place like home... except for tonight
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 2.5

Critic Reviews:

Evil at the Door plays like it’s filling time. There’s rarely any tension or atmosphere, the mayhem is non-existent, and for most of it, you’re listening to a suspiciously long country LP that never has to be flipped. [...] It may be worthy of an entertaining midnight watch with some friends, a pizza, and a bucket of brews, and for some people, that might make it even better than Citizen Kane.

Yes, we’re in The Purge meets The Strangers territory here. Evil at the Door takes plot elements from each film to create a home invasion horror that, unfortunately, has less horror than anyone would like from such a film. Mainly because Evil at the Door spends far too long waiting. Literally.

Evil at the Door wastes a premise that had the potential to be a solid low-budget thriller and give birth to its own franchise. It also wastes a good cast and even manages to render its one interesting innovation, the three-hour time limit, moot.