Don't Blink (2014)

AKA: Last Stop
Life can be erased
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  • RT Rating 20%
  • IMDB Rating 4.8

Critic Reviews:

First time writer/director, Travis Oates, hits one out of the park with his debut feature, Don’t Blink. A deceptively simple story about a group of ten friends who get together for a weekend getaway at a mountain resort, only to discover that there isn’t anybody there when they arrive.

The acting in this one is fantastic. The entire cast is amazing but Zack Ward’s performance is fucking outstanding. Many of you may remember Ward as Farkus in the Christmas classic, A Christmas Story.

Don’t Blink does have its flaws and has a certain element of déjà vu but still manages to be entertaining and intelligent, it keeps you thinking up to the end. The fear of just being erased from the world completely is a fear easy for the audience to understand, and the fact that there is no real reason for it to happen is believable in it’s creepiness.