Dementia Part II (2021)

Suzanne wasn't always this confused. She wasn't always DEAD either.
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  • RT Rating 80%
  • IMDB Rating 6.3

Critic Reviews:

This movie was made as a project specifically to be ready for the Cinepocalypse Film Festival, which meant it was done in just around 5 weeks. If you enjoy the trailer, then you can be fairly certain that you’ll have a blast watching this horror-comedy as well. Enjoy… I know I did!

A great film will hold your attention and keep you guessing, and DEMENTIA: PART II definitely succeeds in that arena. Everything about this film is on-point and offers a good look into how to successfully create a great midnight movie with limited time and funds.

Dementia: Part II is still a funny film, you just have to temper your expectations on just how gross it gets. If you can do that, and have a taste for dark humor, you should love this.