Death Knot (2021)

AKA: Tali Mati (2021)
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Critic Reviews:

"Death Knot" is a horror movie which relies on a growing sense of dread rather than jump scares. While the development of the plot, especially in the beginning, could have used a little but more work, its cinematography and how it establishes atmosphere show the talents of director Cornelio Sunny, along with his deep passion for the genre.

Death Knot certainly has plenty to offer dedicated Indonesian horror fans, and while more subdued than other recent examples of its kind, there’s certainly something to be said for its low-key approach. Cornelio Sunny deserves credit for what he’s achieved with a lower budget, and though overly familiar in places, the film is a fine debut and a solid example of the form.

Proceeding with moody inevitability, the ironically titled Death Knot ensnares its confused hero in a tightening noose of spiritual dread and filial guilt before cutting him adrift a victim of his own sophistication.