Dead Heat (1988)

You Can't Keep a Good Cop Dead
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  • RT Rating 11%
  • IMDB Rating 6.1

Critic Reviews:

A lot of the plot gets mired down by inconsistencies (Indeed, the final explanation doesn’t really make sense if you stop to think about it) and I wonder if the filmmakers realized that everyone in the cast is dead at one point but all in all a film like this one doesn’t need to make much sense, it just needs to be fun and in that aspect I think “Dead Heat” delivers the goods.

Dead Heat is said to be a cult favorite by many. It’s a silly, schlocky flick that doesn’t take itself seriously and tries to have some goofy fun with its infusion of zombies, comedy and action. It’s an admirable goal.

..Dead Heat is an inventive, inviting horror comedy that avoids formulas while it deconstructs clichés to make what has to be the first action-adventure-living-dead comedy ever conceived.