Dark Nature (2022)

Coming in November

Critic Reviews:

Even with an interesting creature design and claustrophobic sets, that we know exactly what’s coming reduces the terror exponentially. There’s a clear desire to be more like Jaws here by placing the creature up front, but, by doing so, it undercuts a far more interesting story regarding Joy, her trauma, and the consequences of not facing it sooner.

Overall, DARK NATURE will get under your skin. It doesn’t shy away from its subject matter. In fact, it turns it over, dissects, and aims to open our eyes. While not entirely perfect, it highlights Brady’s promise as both a director and storyteller.

Illuminating its natural locations with ever more artificial, even psychedelic lighting, Dark Nature shifts gradually from realism towards creature feature – and even as the film ventures further into darkness and into a blood-spattered cavernous lair, it never loses sight of Joy’s similarly hidden interiority.