Damien (2021)

Can you ever truly know a ginger?
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 6.9

Critic Reviews:

There is an intelligent blend of comedy and suspense in a narrative that is hugely likeable. The principal characters are heavily bearded so are naturally reminiscent of 1980s pop combo ZZ Top. This only heightens the comedic edge that is never too far away.

Damien is an exciting mystery, filled with symbolism and a certain eerieness that constantly leaves the viewer in suspense, eager to get to the bottom of the plot as the veil slowly lifts. It is a film you wouldn’t want to miss.

Overall, I enjoyed Damien, but I feel it could have been a lot punchier if the first fifty mins were trimmed down and then focused a lot more on the horror aspect than the “getting to see what life is like on an Irish farm” side of things.