Cupid (2020)

Everyone knows the legend of Cupid.. But do you know his dark side?
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 3.5

Critic Reviews:

A strong start, Cupid gets bogged down with all the school drama for a bit too long. If it wasn’t for strong performances by the some of the cast, it would be very tempting to switch off.

Instead of showing an iconic character go ballistic on love-sick teens, writer/director/producer Scott Jeffrey presents us with wafer-thin clichés called characters, slaps together a tale that will sound tired even to folks new to horror movies, and figures using colored lighting will distract the audience from realizing the direction is as lifeless as the script.

Unlike many of Jeffrey’s other films though, Cupid isn’t unwatchable. It has its moments, including a fairly grim bit of business with an arm, a vise, and a hacksaw. It’s nothing great, and you may want to fast forward through the beginning.