Cult of Chucky (2017)

You may feel a little prick
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  • RT Rating 82%
  • IMDB Rating 5.1

Critic Reviews:

It should also be noted that while Cult of Chucky is a dark, moody and sometimes trippy piece, it’s also very funny.

On the whole however, “Cult of Chucky” comes out as a spooky, splattery scary movie with only enough self-aware satire to acknowledge how silly it is. If you’ve remained a happy passenger on the “Child’s Play” train through the highs and lows of the previous six films, your boarding pass is still good for an entertaining ride on “Cult of Chucky” too.

Is it better than Curse of Chucky? No, not really. But it’s close, and an innovative, worthwhile sequel that offers a good story and delicious canon progression.