Come Play (2020)

He's good at taking friends
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  • RT Rating 56%
  • IMDB Rating 5.7

Critic Reviews:

It's like Come Play is at odds with itself--almost as though there were compromises made to get it made, and so what results is a possibly compelling premise with a couple of nice moments reduced to a derivative stock chiller that's all the more frustrating for that promise.

A clever concept is always a good starting point for a supernatural tale, but it’s wasted if the duration is spent watching key characters make the same mistakes and behave unbelievably dumb ad nauseam.

Come Play reminds me of Lights Out. Both began as popular shorts that producers stretched into feature films. Both involve evil entities manifesting in darkness to terrorize a troubled child. Both feature protective female family members played by midlevel stars who could easily exchange roles without anyone noticing a material difference.