Cold Wind Blowing (2022)

All she wanted was a drama-free Christmas.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 2.9

Critic Reviews:

With a runtime of an hour and fifty minutes, Cold Wind Blowing is never boring. The film keeps you engaged from beginning to end, whether it comes from watching the characters’ interactions with each other or the intensity of the monster attacks. Cold Wind Blowing is a fantastical, delightful horror film...

Even though it is realised visually with little more than a cheap combination of deer skull and fake claws, frenetic, impressionistic editing allows it to assume a surreal, almost Svankmajer-esque quality in the dark, while some very mannered sound design renders it utterly unnerving.

Basically, this movie is the horror movie for the horror movie fanatic. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable, but it’s also fun. This type of movie is the one you WANT to watch with friends, the one where you WANT to hear someone scream in the theater and then giggle about it afterward. Essentially, Cold Wind Blowing is the classic drive-in horror film, reupped.