Children of Sin (2022)

If you don't leave Abraham House a different person... you won't be leaving at all.
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  • RT Rating 43%
  • IMDB Rating 3.6

Critic Reviews:

Children of Sin feels much larger in scope and production than the budget it had to work with, and deserves every bit of exposure and recognition it can hopefully get once it’s released. It’s a three course feast that sets itself apart in the indie world to be nowhere near a buffet selection.

Children of Sin is another fantastic indie horror film from a young filmmaker that I truly believes deserves your attention. I highly recommend this one along with his films Triggered and Blessed Are the Children.

Children of Sin is a solid slasher with quite a few jumps and a few genuinely twisted moments. It makes its points about the hypocrisy found in many zealots, by way of lies told to others as well as to one’s self, nicely even if much of it feels like something we’ve read in the news already.