Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999)

Blood is sharper than the blade
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  • RT Rating 13%
  • IMDB Rating 4.0

Critic Reviews:

This is a rare entry in this column in which the DTV sequel follows a theatrical sequel, and to that end the drop in quality here is softened a bit. A direct comparison between the original Candyman and Day of the Dead would be laughable, but with the buffer of the passable Farewell to the Flesh in between, this is just another bad movie that deservedly went straight to DVD. If you’ve managed to miss it this long, I suggest you continue to do so.

Where I believe DAY OF THE DEAD has been most underrated and overlooked is in Candyman’s homicidal handy-work, his proud collection of steaming entrails, bubbling guts, eviscerated organs, and gorily lopped-off extremities.

In the end Candyman: Day Of The Dead has a few bad aspects to it that can’t be ignored, but for a cheapie DTV sequel it really isn’t bad overall and they did try to do the best with what they had.