Caged (2021)

There is no getting out.
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  • RT Rating 72%
  • IMDB Rating 3.7

Critic Reviews:

Watching Harlow struggle with the simultaneously impersonal and obviously prejudiced nature of his imprisonment is often enough to make “Caged” seem like more than the sum of its parts.

...the screenplay does not flesh out the supporting characters enough for them to be as three-dimensional as the protagonist. Still, for its searing look at mental deterioration in solitary confinement and ingrained racism in the prison system, Caged is an absolute must-watch, minor flaws and all.

A bleak social commentary packaged in the form of a Psychological Thriller, the film relies on its talented cast to keep viewers empathetic to, and engaged with, an ailing inmate. Because of this the thrills are minimal, and you won’t need the use of the edge of your seat...