Breeder (2020)

Unnatural selection
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  • RT Rating 67%
  • IMDB Rating 5.1

Critic Reviews:

The first third of Breeder is very 2020s. Today, a number of billionaires are already looking forward to a world where not only do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer but the rich get younger and the poor get older. What followed reminded me of some women-in-prison exploitation flicks from the 1970s like House of Whipcord, but with added torture porn elements and some very far from subtle social commentary thrown in. The story did continue to grip throughout while also feeling increasingly like a disappointment.

When you sit down to watch Breeder, be prepared for the violence, the horrific nature in a film that does have a slow storytelling process, but never holds back on the gore and violence you will have to endure.

It won’t be for everyone but Breeder is well shot, contains a few strong performances, displays some gloriously nasty torture that will be very uncomfortable viewing for some (but that is horror, folks) and there is a positive message to come out of it at the end, just not a clearly defined one. Nevertheless, as far as being a horror movie designed to shock goes, Breeder succeeds.