Body at Brighton Rock (2019)

Nobody dies alone
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  • RT Rating 66%
  • IMDB Rating 4.6

Critic Reviews:

Body at Brighton Rock is the happy work of someone who misses when scrappy genre fare could have low stakes and still feel slightly dangerous; when filmmakers were empowered by the knowledge that a VHS of their schlock took up just as much real estate on video store shelves as a tape of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster.

Wendy’s inexperience sets up the perfect scenario for scares, and there are plenty. Benjamin deftly coils the tension to uncomfortable, gripping levels, and is well versed in manipulating fear.

Roxanne Benjamin has shown her talents in the anthology films “XX” and “Southbound,” but she gets just as lost as her protagonist with her feature-length debut, a movie that never justifies its scant running time or settles on a tone.