Blood Conscious (2021)

Everyone has their demons
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  • RT Rating 78%
  • IMDB Rating 3.9

Critic Reviews:

For all its strengths though, Blood Conscious has one of the weakest endings I’ve seen recently. It doesn’t so much end as just sort of stop mid-scene. I understand what Covell was trying for, but I don’t think audiences will react the way he thought they would. A film with themes as strong as this really needs a definitive ending, not something that leaves you hanging.

"Blood Conscious" leaves you guessing in the end, but not really in a satisfying way. There’s a question as to whether or not the remaining protagonists are indeed human or demon, but Covell’s closure is so abrupt that curiosity quickly turns into frustration for the viewer. It just feels like the story goes nowhere.

It’s scary being in the middle of nowhere, even though you know where you are, you are still feeling that nervous hint of isolation. You get that feeling of being alone and even though it may be peaceful and you’re on the water. It can still be terrifying. Blood Conscious gives out this awareness.