Blood Born (2021)

Expecting evil.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 4.4

Critic Reviews:

Blood Born is watchable, but it’s hardly essential viewing. If the filmmakers had been able to show a little bit more of what was going on in the last few minutes the film may have had a bit more impact. But the lack of budget didn’t allow for the effects that would have taken. It might be more effective if you’re pregnant, but otherwise it’s something to kill time with and not much more.

BLOOD BORN is a movie that, despite its budgetary shortcomings, rattles along at a steady pace, has plenty of intrigue and enough plot going on to keep you invested until the end. [...] Light on gore but heavy on intrigue and underlying terror, BLOOD BORN is one of the more engaging direct-to-streaming horror movies of the past year and if it appears on your streaming service of choice then you could do worse than give it 92 minutes of your attention.

After having reviewed a number of substandard and disappointing low-budget flicks for some time now I must admit that BLOOD BORN was a lot of fun! It’s well-made, directed and very well acted too, especially Melanie Haynes as Ola, and although I thought I knew the path it would inevitably take Shusterman’s movie still managed to keep me engaged and entertained throughout.