Black as Night (2021)

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  • RT Rating 72%
  • IMDB Rating 4.1

Critic Reviews:

The film had the potential to be better than it is. All that said, Black as Night is not unwatchable. Likeable leads, an interesting premise, and some pretty cool vampire effects will make for a decently entertaining watch.

...none of this comes off as very perilous, suspenseful or even credible on its own fantasy terms. It doesn’t help that the movie sports entirely gratuitous "Dear Diary"-style narration from Shawna, who’s forever underlining the obvious by saying things like "Did that really just happen? Was I just bitten by a vampire?"

The film isn't anything new or highly original for the genre however, the emphasis here is for a story of colour and one that is done well. The vampire genre has faired well from black stories with BLADE, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED and VAMPIRES VS THE BRONX being some of the biggest in the genre and their audience far transcends their target in all it's glory.