Bingo Hell (2021)

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  • RT Rating 63%
  • IMDB Rating 4.3

Critic Reviews:

...Bingo Hell is an acceptable, but unexceptional film. There’s enough slime, blood and jump scares to make it worth a watch. From a technical standpoint, it’s well done, but like many directors making the transition from shorts to features, Guerrero has issues with the film’s pacing that pull it down and make the first half drag somewhat.

Bingo Hell has a lot going for it — excellent cast chemistry, a fiery lead in Barraza, a consistent tone and Guerrero’s creative visual sense. But the writing is flimsy, and all its assets never seem to point in the same direction, like the film is a truck that just can’t summon enough traction to get out of a rut.

...Gurrero’s film is so fun and sometimes brilliantly macabre that the experience as a whole is as twisty, repulsive, and ultimately sweet as it needs to be, all fit with an ensemble that’s excellent from top to bottom, selling the humor and attitude before the craziness even begins to ensue.