Baphomet (2021)

The ultimate terror has awakened.
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  • RT Rating N/A
  • IMDB Rating 2.9

Critic Reviews:

Baphomet is one of the most unintentionally humorous films of the year. The acting is over the top and ridiculous.

Overall, Baphomet is going to be hit or miss with the genre fans. Personally, I enjoyed it but the uneven tone of the film and the goofy character did take away from the overall film.

In major studio releases, a 72 minute run time would suggest either a hack editing job or more unusable footage than a director cares to admit to. Here, I really think that Harris is accustomed to the idea that editing for a tight pace is key to keeping viewers awake and invested in the story moreso than having too many junk padding scenes to leave out.